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Printing in India dates back to 1556 when it started in Goa! Printing was quite a task those days, off
course, for the printer. With those heavy and mechanical printing presses and laborious task, printing
was very difficult. Getting the paper for printing was another challenge. While this has become very easy
ever since, it has become equally difficult for the customer.
The scenario today is almost exploiting for the customer. Supposing you have to take prints, you either
have to have a printer at your place or run to the nearest printing shop, which is often not very near and
the quality is also not satisfactory.
Off course, there is another solution – online document printing in India. provides quality
document printing in India at very affordable prices at the very convenience of your doorstep! started when online document printing in India was still at its nascent stage. The website has
since pioneered in online document printing and provides you with the best quality prints at very cheap
prices. You just have to upload your files at the website, select desired settings such as paper type
(normal, thick, etc), select paper size (A5, A4 paper, A3 poster), colour options such as b&w or colour,
binding type (staple, Spiral, Wyro, Glue, Tape, Perfect, Hard binding, etc) make the payment and relax! will deliver the prints at your doorstep within promised time.
The purpose is to make provide an easy and affordable online document printing service in India.

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