Create a poster that catches the eye – Tip

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The poster is a simple and very functional way to communicate important messages to a relatively large audience. The most important thing to note about this is that the posters must be simple, something that people can look at and understand the message in a matter of seconds. So the message must be conveyed instantly: the person looks, sees an image and text, and then understands. That simple!

From this principle it is easy to deduce that everything in a poster should be simple, clear and objective.  Now this does not mean that it has to be “bland”.  It must be creative, enjoyable, and appealing. The text should be large and flashy, and the images should be showy and easy to recognize. Speaking of images, these should be a few, no more than two.  The vast majority of posters are made with just one image and very little text.

Considering the main purpose of a poster is to draw the attention of people with a relatively small amount of information, it is imperative that the poster contains contact information such as website, phone, email, etc. so that the interested public will know where to get more information.

Once the poster is made, the final step must be carefully considered: Where will the poster be placed? This step is perhaps the most important when it comes to posters, because it’s no use developing the best poster in the world if no one sees it.  So always remember to choose a place where the most people will see it.

You should choose just one subject per poster. The useful space of the paper should be divided into three areas; slogan, image and text. Letters should be readable from a distance.  Do not worry about filling all the space on the page. In fact empty spaces are important because they make the illustration and the message stand out. The image should occupy most of the poster

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