Best Saddle Stitch binding online, Staples binding service India

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Saddle stitch or more commonly known as centre pin is a very fine and neat method of binding brochures, booklets, catalogues, portfolios, etc. Paper size can be A5 or A4 for the finished book. And thickness can be 75-225 GSM for best results.

Now services like take all the hard work from you! They will print the booklet, catalogue, brochure or whatever the file type is, bind it (saddle stitch / centre pin) and deliver it to you!, no doubt, provides with best saddle stitch binding online! One of the many binding services is saddle stitch and staple binding service in India

They will print the file like a booklet or a catalogue / brochure / portfolio and bind it using staple pins from the centre most pages (middle fold).

Saddle stitched booklets are printed in sections of 4 pages (so the number of pages in your document must be divisible by 4, or they can add blank pages to reach the correct page count). Saddle stitch binding is the perfect choice for creating amazing booklets or catalogues.

It is one of the most popular binding types for catalogue or booklet printing. It also supports manuals, magazines, programs, comic books, newsletters, etc.

Wait no more! Visit today and know more about the various product offerings!

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