Paper Formats: What does each one do?

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Paper A4, A5 or A6: who never heard these terms and wondered what they meant?

Being able to specify what size and paper format you want for a printed graphic design can make it much easier for your order to print exactly the way you imagine it.

The need to represent and graphically record the images we have experienced is a characteristic of man since the earliest times.

And perhaps it was with the invention of paper by the Chinese that this material, made with fibers of vegetable origin, was consecrated as the main support for this activity throughout history.

With the improvement of its use, paper sorting and typing methods were created to help man cope better with this product.

For example, we can classify paper by its color, weight, texture and size, but in this post we will cover the classification most used by the public and also by companies working with offset printing processes: the ISO 216 standard A series .

You will see below which are the most used types within this classification and for which products each material is most indicated.

Paper Formats: ISO 216 Standard Series A

This classification, which had its use agreed by its adequacy and ease of understanding, is based on the ratio √2.

In order to understand this typification, it is necessary to observe its starting point.

Series A of the ISO 216 standard is part of the A0 paper size, with dimensions 1189x841mm.

From there, this sheet of paper is folded in half on its longer side, resulting in the sequence of the classification: A1, with the measurements 841x594mm.

The same process is repeated in the rest of the sequence up to the A10 format, with the measurements 37x26mm.

A4 paper size


This is the format most used in the day to day of the graphs and even inside our own house.

The measures of A4 paper (297x210mm) are neither too large nor too small, which makes it possible to use them in a more everyday way .

In this paper holder, in addition to the traditional printing that we do with home printers, it is possible to make materials such as posters , Books , catalogs , Thesis and flyers .

Paper Format A5

The A5 paper size is 210x148mm, ie smaller than its predecessor format (A4).

Therefore, it is used for products of smaller dimensions such as Novelsnotepad and invitations , for example.

But remembering that it is also possible (and common) to make flyers and folders in this paper format.

Paper Format A6

With measures 148x105mm, this paper size is ideal for products like the badge , for example.

Because it is small but at the same time visible, this format makes it possible to quickly identify information without having to take up too much space.

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