What is the right paper for printing business cards?

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The business card of a company or a professional may seem like a simple and unimportant item, but this thinking is a big misconception. It is the face of your business, the first impression.

The business card is an extension of your business!

A simple piece of paper that aims to get the attention of your customers, pass on a positive image of your company, and generate credibility and serve as a way for people to get in touch with you.

Many entrepreneurs try to save money by investing the smallest possible amount on their business cards, which results in poor quality cards that get discarded quickly.

In order to obtain a quality business card that conveys confidence to your customers and shows the value of your company, it is not necessary to make a giant investment, but it is necessary to make the correct choice of materials used in the making of the card.

Types of paper used to make business card

There is a wide range of papers and finishes that make up a business card.

What will determine which is best suited for you to get the best business card for your business is primarily the nature of the material you want to produce.

There are those who print your business card even on sulphite paper, but as we said above, if you arrive at a business meeting or are having the first contact with a new customer, and deliver a business card printed on such a thin paper , Certainly will not pass a professional image.

Therefore, quality business cards are usually printed on the following paper models:

300 GSM – Matte or Gloss (Laminated or non laminated)

250 GSM – Matte or Gloss (Laminated or non laminated)

What does the paper weight mean?

The weight represents the weight of the paper in relation to its size.

Normally in this industry we refer to the weight as 250g or 300g for example, but the correct one would be 200g / m² or 300g / m², that is, its weight per square meter. This means that the heavier the paper, the longer it expands, the thicker it will be, consequently it will have more quality.

Although it is possible to print a business card using lower weights, it is advised to use a weights of more than 200g for a more professional result.

Business Card Finishes

Lamination Brightness

Usually, after the card is printed, it can undergo a process of ennoblement called lamination.

It is in this process that the finishing is done that aims to perfect the aesthetic part of the card.

Soon after it has finished printing, there is a machine that will apply a kind of plastic layer on the card, giving a similar effect to that of the varnish.

The effect “varnish”, or “glitter lamination”, can be applied on the whole card or only in specific parts such as the name of the company or some information that you want to highlight.

In this case, we call localized lamination or localized varnish.

Areas where lamination is applied will look brighter.

Despite valuing the card, there is an inconvenient issue: the fingerprints.

Cards that are entirely covered by gloss lamination tend to leave finger marks, which can negatively influence your appearance.

Therefore, if you are going to use lamination gloss, we advise you to locate it.

MAtte Lamination

The matte lamination uses the same process to be performed, a plastic film will also be applied and pressed onto the business card.

The difference is that it causes an effect, as the name itself says, more opaque and frosted, that passes a much thinner, more elegant and professional.

And the best: do not leave fingerprints!

Always remember that when it comes to the visual identity of your company, the old expression “less is more,” is pretty much a rule.

It is worth noting that, in addition to the aesthetic issues, the lamination process is also intended to preserve the quality and durability of the business card for much longer.

Final considerations

As mentioned earlier, the cost of printing a quality business card that conveys credibility to your business is relatively low compared to the benefits it can bring to your business.

A business card without quality and aesthetically unpleasant, will be discarded.

But a business card with the proper weight and a balanced finish, just to give the touch of elegance needed, will certainly be saved and valued.

Want to make the perfect business card? Visit us at Printster.in!

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