How to save money on printing the artwork?

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It is often very difficult to find a print shop that offers high quality printing services and on-time delivery of the material. Moreover, when we find a chart that has these attributes, the prices charged are exorbitant.

These factors lead us to have to make decisions that we did not want.

Because of the high price charged for services, we end up having to adapt in a way that our budget can print with the best quality graphics. For this, some sacrifices need to be made, such as reducing the amount of material or even some important items.

But do you necessarily have to pay expensive to make the printing of the graphic material? There are some features that you need to know about regarding the material before hiring a graphic to make your next prints. Check it

Paper Weight

This is a factor that is directly linked to the final cost. Typically, on business cards, 250g weight is used in your print. You can request business cards printed in a smaller weight to decrease the final value of the product.

Paper Format

We know that innovating in the format of the business card can be a way to get the customer’s attention and give a different image to your company. But the more you get away from the common pattern of trimming, the more expensive it may cost to print this graphic material.

Different shapes, such as triangles, rounded, unstressed, star-shaped cards, among others, can cause a significant increase in the final cost of printing. Because different trimming formats require special knives. In some cases it is necessary to even have to make a new knife.

Try to keep the standard in the format of your material to save money. If you want to do something innovative with low cost, invest in the art of the product.

Paper Size

The most used and economical formats are:

A6 10.5 × 14.8cm
A5 14.8x21cm
A4 21.1 ×
29.7cm A3 29.7x42cm

There are other formats besides these, but they will certainly increase the price of your product’s printing. If you find it difficult to know how you will look, ask the printer to send samples of materials in the desired formats.

Paper Type

There are several types of paper with different weights. This factor is one that most influences the final cost of printing. The most common types of paper are:

Offset Paper – Weight 90 g / m²; 120 g / m²
Glossy Couch Paper – Weight 115 g / m²; 150 g / m²; 170 g / m²; 230 g / m²; 250 g / m²; 300 g / m²
Recycled Paper – Weight 90 g / m²; 120 g / m²
Paper Couchê Fosco – Weight 115 g / m²; 150 g / m² (for folder, flyer, poster) and 250 g / m²; 300 g / m² (for carton)

This choice should be made in a thorough manner, because if you have the paper changed to be used in printing, depending on your purpose, it can result in a completely different end product than you were expecting.

Nowadays, many companies work with online graphics for various reasons, such as economy and agility.

Using an online chart, you save money because you do not need to make phone calls. It saves time of negotiation, not needing to change e-mails, since the budget and sending of the art can be done by the own site.

Consider using an online graphic like Printi in your next prints. You will notice great differences from the beginning of the process. Give preference to graphs that make your life easier, not making you spend too much.

Enter the website and budget quickly and simply, and draw your own conclusions about the quality and efficiency of one of the most respected printers in the industry today.

Do not forget to leave your comment if you have any questions or want to tell any experience!

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